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Partnerships & Training Initiatives

International Medical Relief (IMR) builds a better and more sustainable response towards the communities we serve through training and partnerships with several health modules. We strengthen global health capacities and increase the well-being and health outcomes through with classes conducted by certified trainers on a variety of medical topics. Partnerships and training initiatives help strengthen the community’s overall health through Helping Babies Breathe, Cervical Cancer Identification and Treatment, Basic Health and complex Disaster Response Initiatives.  Partnering and training with community leaders helps increase the resilience of the impact on each community and provides them a more stable and reliable health care foundation.

IMR works closely with local and global partners in order to provide communities with the best and most effective care and response as possible. Before any medical trips are deployed, we work with strategic stakeholders and health officials in each location in order to truly understand what the specific needs of that community are, so IMR teams can provide the best care.


International Medical Relief also provides critical training initiatives to all of our team members and communities that we serve. We provide extensive training and background information before deploying our team in order to insure that we will deliver the most productive and effective care. By partnering with local communities and government entities, IMR is able to  develop an efficient program to change and save lives.

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