Non-Medical Volunteers

The Foundation of All Our Clinics

Are you interested in international volunteering but you don’t have medical experience?

On short-term mission trips abroad with International Medical Relief, typically at least half our volunteers have no medical background. This is true whether the mission trip is to Africa, Asia, Central or South America, or the Caribbean. We send volunteers around the world, and the services of non-medical volunteers are a critical component to the successful operation of our clinics.

Whether you’re looking to make an impact through a family mission trip this year – we welcome children and teens who want to volunteer! – or you just want to travel to deliver humanitarian aid to those less fortunate than yourself, an international mission with IMR may be ideal for you.

As a non-medical volunteer, you will work side by side with the medical team each day in clinic, as well as build important relationships with members of the community. IMR volunteers provide comprehensive community health education to our patients to empower them to take and manage their own health care. This is a critical component for all the volunteer work abroad that we do, as it allows us to leave a lasting footprint on the community. You will be a part of this important team.

See Life Through the Eyes of the Locals

It is an amazing opportunity for non-medical volunteers to travel abroad to a developing country and see a place they always dreamed of visiting.  These volunteers have the privilege to see life through the eyes of locals, understand the culture of these communities firsthand, and go outside the boundaries of the locations you read about in history books to enjoy the smiles and tears of the people. 

Roles for Non-Medical Volunteers in Clinic


Join Us in Making a Difference.

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