Ophthalmologists & Optometrists

The need for ophthalmologists and optometrists on our missions is great. Many patients we see require diagnoses and prescriptions for their eyesight beyond the aid of reading glasses and expertise of general medical professionals. 

A large percentage of patients in our clinics request to see an eye specialist, so your role in clinic will be of great value. Pterygium, nevi, cataracts, injuries, fungal infections, and untreated bacterial infections are all commonly seen in clinic. Myopia and presbyopia are also common issues. When IMR holds clinics without the benefit of an eye specialist, we are only able to provide reading glasses and to treat common bacterial infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis. Your expertise will make a significant difference to our patients.  

Patients with serious eye infections often require continuity of care and follow-ups. IMR will partner with you to provide the patient with a referral for appropriate care within the local healthcare infrastructure.   

If you are interested in providing surgical care, please contact us to discuss the options for the location you are interested in. We need as much advance notice as possible to ensure that appropriate facilities and permissions are available to you.



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