Clinic Guide


Medical & Dental Routine

IMR welcomes all medical and non-medical volunteers in our clinics. Physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses of all levels of training, medical and dental assistants, emergency services personnel, and students of every kind are welcome here and collaborate closely so that we don’t just see patients, we see patients well.

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Volunteer Roles

While every clinic is different depending on the condition of our patients and the volunteers that make up our teams, here are examples of some of the roles our volunteers play: Sick Providers (Physicians/Advanced Practice Providers), Well Providers (RN/EMT-P), Dental Providers, Clinical Pharmacists, Triage (RN/EMS), ICU/Laboratory/Wound Care (RN/EMS), Statistics (Providers/RN/EMS).

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A Day in Clinic

Every clinic looks and feels differently. The site, the number of patients and their culture, and the capability of the team all contribute to the uniqueness of the day. IMR clinics are designed to benefit the care our patients receive. You can expect to see each department in clinic to have a unique space.

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Community Health Education Materials

Basic health classes should be taught to every patient in clinic. All other classes should be taught as appropriate for the patient. Download available handouts by clicking the link below the class name. Additionally, some classes will be taught individually as appropriate for each patient, depending on the subject matter. Providers can also teach basic classes as needed for individual patients.

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Clinic Operation Materials

This page contains valuable documents that will help you prepare for your experience in clinic on your IMR mission. Please read and become familiar with them. We will talk about many of them during our pre-mission conference calls, and if you’ve studied ahead, our talks will be that much more meaningful.

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Educational Library by Location

Download information specific to the country you are visiting by clicking on a button below. Don’t see your country? We’re …

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Country Guides