Clinic Operation Materials

This page contains valuable documents that will help you prepare for your experience in clinic on your IMR mission. Please read and become familiar with them. We will talk about many of them during our pre-mission conference calls, and if you’ve studied ahead, our talks will be that much more meaningful. Thank you!

Download available handouts by clicking the links below.

Well Care Protocols

Learn about some of the symptoms and conditions you will see in clinic with IMR and how we help patients manage them.

Pharmacy Standards

Learn about the clinic pharmacy and medication safety.

IMR Clinic Operations

Important information on how IMR clinics operate.

Malpractice Insurance Info

Verification of malpractice insurance, as well as how to purchase it.

Patient Release/Clinic Waiver Form

This is the form patients sign before being treated in clinic.

Patient Intake Form

Familiarize yourself with this form before your mission, as it keeps patients moving smoothly through clinic.

Provider Guidelines

Read before the mission and bring a printed copy along as a reference tool during clinic.

Provider Log Sheets

Forms for tracking patient status.

Patient Transport/Referral Form

If we have to send a patient to a local medical facility, this form informs the receiving facility that the patient has been seen by IMR.

Gideon Guides

We have Gideon Guides on close to 30 countries for your reference. Please visit Country Details to find the Gideon Guide for the country that you’re traveling to.

Dental Clinic Missions

Tips from a seasoned IMR veteran on keeping a smoothly running dental clinic.

Dental Instrument Loan

We have dental instruments available through a low-cost loan program.

Join Us in Making a Difference.

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