Videographers & Documentarians

International Medical Relief welcomes all documentarians from videographers and photographers to social media influencers.

Our medical missions give documentarians the unique opportunity to increase the impact of International Medical Relief’s mission by spreading the message of sustainable, community health education to further depths. You will experience and document a new culture and gain perspectives beyond the scope of your work back home. Become an integral member of our mission teams and explore places you have never been before. Whether you are a seasoned documentarian or a student of the arts, your service will make an impact.

Videographers, photographers, and social influencers take on a variety of roles in our clinics. You will work directly with your team leader to document the different areas of clinic, from triage, community education, lab and pharmacy, to the unique patient cases in which providers give attention. 

Join Us in Making a Difference.

You can join an IMR medical mission team or donate today!