Airline Travel

Team Member Definition

Team members have been accepted to an IMR team and paid a minimum of 50% of the required donation for that team.

  • Specific flight information, departure information, and hotel information will only be provided to IMR team members.
  • You will receive an itinerary and a departure packet with emergency phone numbers and customs documents approximately 10 days prior to departure.

Your Responsibility in Transit

  • IMR reserves the right to schedule travel 24 hours prior to or after the published mission dates.
  • IMR will begin hosting you all-inclusively once you are in country and have met up with the team at the designated location.
  • IMR is not responsible for any costs incurred in transit or costs incurred due to flight delays or cancelations for any reason. We recommend you purchase travel insurance.
  • You may want to have new United States currency and a credit card that you don’t typically use (in case of loss) available for common or unanticipated expenses.
  • If you fail to meet the team at the designated location, any additional costs needed to join the team are at your expense. IMR will make every effort to help you join the team, but this may not be possible on every mission.
  • Our missions frequently include additional transportation between the main arrival airport in-country and the starting point of the mission. You are responsible for meeting the team at the designated meeting place at your expense.  You may also contact the IMR office to join the group ground transportation for an additional fee.

Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all of our volunteers.
  • It is your responsibility to choose and purchase this insurance, if desired. Read the policy carefully.

Checked Bags

  • Airlines vary in their requirements and fees for checked and carry-on bags.
  • You are responsible for knowing the requirements on flights you book and for any fees associated with checked baggage on these flights.

Carry-on Bags

  • We recommend that you pack as much of your personal gear as possible in your carry-on bag.
  • Checked bags are frequently lost and you may not be able to replace your personal clothes and other items due to time constraints upon arrival. Lost bags are frequently never found or arrive after the team has returned home.
  • We hope that you will want to save your checked bag allowance for needed medical and community health education supplies for your patients.

Flying Independently (Purchasing Your Own International Ticket)

  • IMR offers you the opportunity to fly independently. 
  • We encourage you to extend your stay to see the wonders of the country around you. The world is a truly amazing place to visit!
  • You can choose your flight departure city, flight times, airline, and cabin, and use your checked bag allowances for your personal gear and donations for your patients.  Many independent fliers use their miles on a specific airline at a considerable savings.
  • Please purchase your own independent flights based on the published general itinerary on the mission information page on our website.
  • Any costs incurred in transit are your responsibility, including, but not limited to, hotel, food, and taxi fees.
  • IMR is not able to make your travel arrangements for you, but we can help you with the arrangements.