Pharmacy Volunteers

Pharmacy volunteers, including pharmacists and pharmacy techs, bring great value to IMR teams on international medical mission trips because of their expertise in drug interactions and substitutions, as well as conversions for pediatric or adult dosing. We frequently have internists seeing older children or pediatricians seeing young adults, so it is beneficial for them to have good advice from pharmacists when dosing or choosing medications. Your role goes far beyond counting pills – you will be a valued clinical consultant in our clinics.

The ability of pharmacy volunteers to provide counseling on medication safety to our patients (and to teach our team about medication safety) is both invaluable and lifesaving. One example is in cautioning providers who want to provide a high pill count for medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen that can cause harm in the hands of small children. Another is helping patients understand that vitamins are not candy and that children should not hold or be able to reach medication.

Our patients need to understand that medicine should be kept out of the reach of children in our patients’ homes. As a pharmacist, you have the expertise to help raise the level of understanding and patient safety with your professional advice.

Roles of Pharmacy Volunteers in Clinic


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