Required Insurance

Recommended Insurance

Malpractice Insurance

IMR requires all licensed medical providers (doctors, dentists, advanced practice, nurses, EMS, CNA, MA, LPN) AND professional students (nursing, advanced practice, dental, medical school students) to carry malpractice insurance that covers them internationally. You have three options for your malpractice insurance:

1. Your current malpractice insurance carrier. Check to make sure your current insurance coverage will cover you internationally. IMR needs a copy of your policy to have on file. Click here for a form to which you can attach it.

2. As a convenience to you, you can purchase insurance through Global Development and Relief. Log into your Account Dashboard to purchase or provide proof of malpractice insurance. All claims will need to be filed directly through that insurance carrier. International Medical Relief is not affiliated with the insurer and the insurance company is a third party.

3. Internet options. Alternatively, you can also search the web for other insurance providers.

Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Insurance

IMR recommends you obtain international medical evacuation insurance. Your team will be registered with the United States Embassy and with the United States State Department. The U.S. Embassy maintains a list of physicians and other health care professionals who may see U.S. citizen patients when traveling outside the U.S. The Embassy does not guarantee their services or recommend any of the physicians.

Medical facilities in rural areas are often limited. However, it is in the very rare case that a team member must be evacuated either to the U.S. or the closest most appropriate medical facility, which may be in a neighboring country. But the cost incurred for this emergency service can be enormous. Protect yourself by having insurance that will cover the costs and make the arrangements to medically evacuate you if needed. We suggest you have a minimum of $500,000 medical evacuation coverage. This insurance can be sourced on the internet.

Health Insurance

Please consult with your current insurance carrier to determine if your personal health insurance covers you internationally. Your personal medical insurance is always primary, so if you do not have medical insurance, consider adding medical coverage to the Medevac policy. This is inexpensive term insurance that will cover you for the length of your mission. IMR cannot advise you in this coverage or any other coverage.

Travel Insurance

The travel agent or online booking company that you used to book your domestic ticket can provide you with travel insurance or you can also search online for travel insurance companies for a quote. Travel insurance will help reduce any costs associated with air transportation delays, lost luggage, or other inconveniences due to travel, especially if weather or airplane malfunctions cause a missed connection.