Volunteer with Us

IMR courageously goes into areas with little to no medical care and treats patients with dramatic and often life-saving results. The medical mission teams provide medical services, medicines, supplies, training, and education to treat and equip locals, leaving a long-lasting impact.

There are two ways to volunteer with IMR: Volunteer internationally on a medical or dental mission, or volunteer domestically at IMR headquarters in Colorado.

Volunteer Abroad on a Medical Mission

Volunteer in the United States

Wednesday Warehouse Warriors

Join us for our Soup & Sort events every 1st & 3rd Wednesday.


Work with our team at the office or remotely for an internship program.


Contribute to the cause through research & innovation.

Physicians Council

Join our advisory team of physicians to consult & influence IMR's protocols.

Global Goodwill Ambassador

Join Us in Making a Difference.

Bring much-needed acute medical and dental care to a beautiful, culture-rich destination. You can join an IMR medical mission team today!