Vaccinations & Allergies


IMR recommends that you discuss your health and prevention of acquired illness with your health care provider. IMR does not and will not make recommendations about vaccines, medications, or specific missions based on your health concerns. We ask that other team members, even if a qualified provider, not make recommendations to you as they may not be aware of your entire health history. Please do not ask the IMR office personnel to make recommendations regarding your health concerns as they are not qualified to do so.


IMR strongly recommends that you take full precautions regarding insect, plant, and food allergens. If you have known allergic reactions, carry appropriate medications and life-saving measures at all time.

Acquired Illness

Acquired illnesses include mosquito, water borne, and fecal borne diseases. Many of these diseases are preventable with proper precautions including mosquito repellant and nets, proper hygiene, and not consuming food or water that does not have a high degree of safety in preparation or purification.

IMR strongly recommends that you take full precautions regarding insect bites and food safety. This includes, but is not limited to, using insect repellent, treated clothing, and mosquito nets; and eating only food that is properly prepared and served. IMR takes your safety and the security of the IMR team very seriously. However, we cannot and do not guarantee your safety. There are inherent risks to travel and participating on medical teams.

The following information is taken from the CDC Yellow Book:

Mosquito Safety

General Protective Measures

Avoid outbreaks. Check www.cdc.gov/travel for current outbreaks. To optimize protection against mosquitoes and ticks and reduce the risk of diseases they transmit: