Surgical Teams

Surgical teams on an IMR surgical mission are made up of surgeons of varying specialties. In conjunction with our partner hospital, we recruit for surgical cases that match up with the team’s ability to provide care. Surgical missions average 14 days because they include adequate time for pre-screening candidates, setting up a surgical rotation, and providing post-surgical care and training for follow up with local providers.

Inadequate financial resources of patients and hospitals often prevent those most in need from obtaining simple surgeries that are often life-changing. IMR, in conjunction with our partner hospital, helps connect these patients with our surgical team and provides transportation for the patient and family, follow-up care, medications, and supplies. Our organization has hosted several surgical camps ranging from general surgery to plastic surgery. Teams have treated patients that have severe burns requiring skin grafts, as well as patients needing cleft lip/palate/nose repair. 

Our plastic surgery teams have treated patients ranging from 4 months old to 70 years old. We have also brought patients to the U.S. for surgical treatment. IMR has provided sight-saving eyelid surgeries for children with ichthyosis and fistula repairs for women in Africa. When not treated, women with fistulas have been ostracized in their communities and segregated from their families.  

As a surgeon or member of one of our surgical teams, you understand very well the importance of your expertise and work, often resulting in lives saved. Your impact in a vulnerable community with little to no access to healthcare will be extraordinary.



Surgical Operations Delivered in 7 Countries





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