Nurse Volunteers

IMR nurse volunteers are essential for the success of our global health clinics.  Whether you are an RN, LPN, BSN, or CNA, or you have a particular nursing specialty such as women’s health, pediatrics, geriatrics, wound care, or ICU, our patients need your expertise, skills, and care!

For nurse volunteers traveling with IMR, we dedicate our lives to the care of those who come our way, offering a healing touch from our hands and our spirits through the many situations and places that find us at the bedside for those who need us most.

We laugh in the thick of it and cry on our own. We embrace the joy along with the fear and the grief along with birth. We miss the time at the bedside and we long for the days when patient care gave us more time with those to whom we have dedicated our lives.

Come travel with us and go back to the basics! Travel to heal and educate, laugh and touch. Plan on changing lives to fill your well and find out that it was your life that was changed!

What Is Clinic Like for Nurse Volunteers?

IMR clinics include three basic components: acute medical care, acute dental care, and community health education. Our teams consist of a variety of medical and non-medical volunteers, including medical providers, dentists and dental staff, PAs, NPs, nurses, EMS, non-medical personnel, and an IMR staff clinic director. The make-up of each team is unique and the services we provide to patients are, in part, specialized to meet the expertise within the team.

Roles for Nurse Volunteers in Clinic


Join Us in Making a Difference.

Bring much-needed acute medical and dental care to a beautiful, culture-rich destination. You can join an IMR medical mission team today!

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