Disaster Responders

International Medical Relief works with volunteers in rapid disaster response globally.

Many of our medical disaster response volunteers demonstrate fantastic skills – things like emergency medicine, trauma and coping expertise, and experience in austere environments. Medical professionals, firefighters, teachers, and mental health providers are among the diverse backgrounds and careers held by IMR disaster response volunteers.

As a disaster response volunteer, you will be responsible for providing immediate and impactful medical aid to communities affected by disasters. IMR has responded to earthquakes, hurricanes, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. A breadth of skill sets, backgrounds, and experience are necessary to make up a strong disaster response team, typically with a heavy emphasis on medical practitioners.

International Medical Relief is an international relief nonprofit with a growing specialty in disaster response to provide immediate medical relief to impacted communities in great need. Founded in 2002 with the mission to provide access to health care in underserved and vulnerable communities around the world, IMR has deployed thousands of volunteers internationally to bring relief to those in need.


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