Safety & Security

IMR takes your safety and security as our number one priority. We have several protocols in place to assist with the team’s safety and security. The following is not meant to alarm anyone, nor is there any indication of added concern at this time. IMR staff will always monitor the situation. There are things that IMR does to keep you safe in the field and things that YOU can do to keep yourself safe and healthy in the field. Taken together, the following protocols, guidelines, and tips will help you have a safe and healthy journey.

Field Safety Protocols

At International Medical Relief, the health and safety of our team members and the people we care for are our top priority. We monitor the health of our team members in the field using symptom screening, as well as training on handwashing and sanitizing. To ensure the safety of the people we care for and our team members, IMR has implemented a time slot protocol where patients will receive vouchers to come to the clinic to ensure crowd control. Also, all floors, surfaces, and equipment will be cleaned daily. We follow the guidance provided by the CDC and health departments and adapt our procedures accordingly to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

What IMR Does to Keep You Safe & Healthy

IMR takes your safety and the security of the IMR team very seriously. However, we cannot and do not guarantee your safety; there are inherent risks to travel and participating on medical teams.

What Can You Do to Increase Personal Safety?