Medical Aid to Libya

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mar 29, 2011

BENGHAZI, LIBYA- As opposing forces fight for territory in Libya, IMR completes a large humanitarian mission to bring medical supplies to citizens trapped in the conflict in this tumultuous North African Nation.

In mid-March, one of our partner organizations was contacted about delivering aid to Libya and to migrant workers and refugees on the border. “It was important for IMR to answer the call to deliver medications and medical supplies to a hospital in Benghazi. These people are enduring great hardships and are on the brink of revolutionary change”, said Shauna King, Founder and President of International Medical Relief.

We quickly pulled together our support for a hospital in Benghazi which have been hand delivered and distributed through our partnership with local organizations in Libya. Partner organization, HISG, personally delivered the valuable medical supplies to Benghazi. These supplies were given to the new Provisional National Council’s Director of Crisis Management, and to a high-ranking official with the Ministry of Health.

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