Liam’s Journey

Liam in the hospital

Learn how the generosity of IMR supporters made the difference for a young boy from Tanzania.


In October, 2023, a large group of providers, nurses, students, dentist, and nonmedical volunteers ventured to Arusha, Tanzania in hope of delivering health and hope.

It was a routine day in clinic. Everyone was hard at work. In shuffled in a little boy and his mother. He was all smiles and full of energy!

Liam was a bright-eyed child who recently benefited from IMR’s comprehensive healthcare services. Living in the region without government insurance or access to primary healthcare, his mother wanted him to be checked by the consulting team.

After registering, obtaining consent, and undergoing triage by our dedicated nursing staff, Liam was directed to a pediatrician for a thorough assessment. His mother anxiously held him as Dr. Natalie conducted a meticulous head-to-toe examination.

Identifying and Meeting a Need

In the course of her examination, Dr. Natalie identified a critical health issue in Liam that required surgical intervention. There were reasons for concern. IMR never wants to uncover need and then not meet that need. Swiftly, our IMR leadership initiated a referral for surgical consult and continuum of care. Through the IMR network, Liam and his family were connected with a skilled Tanzanian physician who would be overseeing his essential follow-up care.

Liam was taken to a local hospital where he underwent a variety of tests. Through a vigorous process, it was determined that this little boy had dire health issues that needed to be prioritized.

A Difficult Diagnosis

Unfortunately, just days after the IMR medical team referred him to the hospital, Liam was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma stands as a form of pediatric cancer originating in the nervous system of infants and young children. This particular cancer manifests in the growth of immature nerve tissue known as neuroblasts.

Primarily affecting neuroblasts within the adrenal glands, which are small organs positioned on top of the kidneys, neuroblastoma perturbs the production of hormones governing essential bodily functions like digestion, blood pressure regulation, breathing, and heart rate. It is noteworthy that neuroblastoma can also emerge in nerve tissue found in various regions such as the spinal cord, abdomen, chest, or neck, with the potential to metastasize to other parts of the body.

The prognosis for children grappling with neuroblastoma hinges on factors like the tumor’s location, the child’s age, and the stage of the cancer. The cancer stage serves as a descriptor for the disease’s advancement, offering crucial insights into its severity and potential treatment strategies. Luckily, because of the actions of the IMR medical team, Liam’s cancer was caught early.

The Need for Immediate Care was Met

Through hundreds of texts, calls and messages throughout the chaotic days, IMR and the local Tanzanian physician facilitated immediate care for Liam, including second opinions and chemotherapy.

IMR paid for Liam’s care using funds from our dedicated donors. The IMR team was in constant communication with healthcare and hospital leadership, and now Liam is on the road to recovery.

Imagine being this child’s mother. She was grateful beyond measure. She gets to see this little boy grow up!

You Can Make the Difference for Children Like Liam

Liam after surgeryThis heartwarming success story is a testament to the transformative impact of the work IMR donors provide. Liam’s journey from diagnosis to intervention showcases the vital role that your generosity plays in making these life-changing moments possible.

Now, we invite you to be part of another incredible opportunity to make a difference. Your support can empower future teams to continue providing critical medical interventions and follow-up care for children like Liam who, without your help, might face uncertain futures.

Your donation will not only fund essential medical procedures but also contribute to the ongoing sustainability of our programs. By supporting IMR, you become a beacon of hope for families in need, ensuring that children like Liam receive the care they deserve.


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