Honduras | March 12-19, 2022


During our service in Honduras, a mother came to clinic with her child who had a poor appetite, was losing weight, and was unable to chew. The mother was desperately seeking a solution to help her child. Dr. Hsu, a pediatrician, suggested we provide a blender so that the mother could blend healthy foods for this precious kiddo.

We were able to use a portion of our budgeted patient assistance funds to purchase a blender that would allow this mother to give her child the food he needs. Our amazing host, Ana, searched for one and found it for us. Shout out to our volunteers, donors, and amazing IMR family for making this happen, in real-time, for this family. It was a simple, cost-effective solution that will change the story for that child.

In our work, we often come across cases that are heartbreaking. Our teams do everything possible to meet the identified need and change the direction for the lives of our patients.

All in a Day's Work

What an incredible day in clinic! The team saw 82 medical patients and 20 dental patients. Our alum dentist Dr. Caroline extracted teeth, provided fluoride treatments, exams and educated. Our pediatrician Dr. Jenn was busy as well treating skin rashes, allergies and generalized pain. Ms. Kathy, another alumni NP, educated on medication safety and staffed our lab. Valerie, a recent graduate, spent time with the kiddos educating and being an ambassador of hope and health. Our team is all women who put patients first! 

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