Short-Term Missions for Graduate Students

About IMR – For Graduate and Professional Students

Short-term medical mission trips for graduate students offer a unique experience in the medical, dental, pharmacy, public health, or healthcare field that will take your education to the next level. 

If you’re a current medical, dental, or health-related student looking to gain experience or insight into global health, you’ve come to the right place. International Medical Relief provides exciting, short-term, year-round opportunities for clinic-based, medical mission trips abroad to students from all over the world. Our programs take you behind the scenes to give you experiences that will help you form a mature understanding of your passion for healthcare and give you experiences you can talk about proudly when it comes time for your job or residency applications and interviews.

Through a tailored combination of mentoring, observation, and hands-on clinical experience, International Medical Relief clinic-based medical camps will give you a unique perspective of the rewards and demands of a medical career. We’ll help you to develop a better understanding of myriad global healthcare issues, narrow your scope of interest, and gain an edge when it comes to career applications.

Photo of a female IMR volunteer with a patient | Short-term medical mission missions for graduate students from IMR offer the opportunity to participate in patient care in a clinic setting.

Why a Short-Term Medical Mission Trip with IMR?

Get Class Credit while Exploring the World!

IMR works with universities across the country to help healthcare graduate students participate in our medical mission trips through our clinicals abroad program. Volunteers earn 80-110 clinical hours and receive a certificate of participation. Upon request, students may receive letters of recommendation from their team leader and other volunteers they work with in the field to add to their portfolio.

Students seeking to enhance their clinical skills have found their IMR experience in the field to be enormously valuable in supplementing their education. Being able to work in tandem with providers from across the United States and around the world while having direct patient interaction during patient assessments, including differential diagnoses and treatment, are a staple of our opportunities for students.

Gain Hands-On Experience with Service Learning and Leadership

Our clinic-based missions are designed to help you understand the realities of life in the world of healthcare. You will be able to conduct medical services in a clinical environment under the guidance of our licensed medical and dental staff, as well as participate in extensive one-to-one patient interaction. Under the direction of licensed personnel, you will take histories and physicals, establish a diagnosis and present findings, perform wound care and laboratory testing, and provide disease prevention education.

If you already have significant rotation or clinical volunteer experience, our high patient loads will enhance your skills. Whether it’s working with indigenous populations in South America, participating in healthcare outreach in Asia, or helping to treat infectious diseases in Africa, we design IMR missions for both global and medical experience.

These days, having stellar grades isn’t enough to make you stand out in a crowd of potential candidates. If you are looking to demonstrate your passion for patient care during interviews for professional school or residency, adding international experience to your resume is a definite plus.

Residency programs and organizations will be impressed that you were able to fit in a medical mission with your packed schedule. But more importantly, your mission abroad demonstrates that you have interests beyond biology and you actively pursued them. You can speak from your heart, as well as your experience, when you have actively helped underserved patients around the world.

Excite Your Passions

Avoid education burnout by discovering the real difference you can make in people’s lives and connecting with those who you can literally heal by the services you provide. When you give critical assistance through IMR, you’ll remember why you chose the medical field to begin with. You’ll return from your mission feeling rejuvenated, academically motivated, and excited about your future. In Haiti, an IMR team leader heard from a third-year medical student, “I was going to quit medical school but decided to come on this mission to decide. Well, I’ve found my passion again. I remember why I wanted to be a doctor and what I will be able to accomplish in my life.”

IMR's All-Inclusive Clinicals Abroad Experience

We Make the Arrangements

Travel with ease as IMR caters to your arrangements from beginning to end. Your experience includes in-country ground transportation, in-country lodging and meals, and all ground logistics. You’ll work in clinics fully stocked with supplies, medicines, and diagnostic equipment for your utilization. Your seasoned team leaders have vast international humanitarian experience and medical backgrounds.

Our number-one priority is that you are comfortable, safe and secure during your time with us to make this the best experience of your life. To help put your mind at ease, all of our missions take place in friendly communities that will welcome you with open arms. Parents and family members are always welcome to participate in our pre-field training and conference calls. We have round-the-clock staff members who are just a phone call away in case of emergency while you are abroad.

Take the first step towards this life-changing experience. New friends, new cultures, new skills and memories await. We know you are excited, so why not get started on your application? Check out our list of upcoming missions and get ready for your journey of a lifetime today!

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