School Administrators: Benefits of IMR Missions for Students

International Medical Relief Study Abroad Program

IMR helps students develop a better understanding of global healthcare, a more focused approach to their studies, and an edge in their contributions to the classroom environment.

International Medical Relief partners with universities to offer intensive short-term, study abroad programs designed to meet the needs of universities and students alike. Your school will have the advantage of being able to offer a unique, comprehensive learning opportunity with little effort on the part of the university. Through programs from IMR, individual students or student teams from your school will gain hands-on experience and knowledge in the field under the guidance of medical providers from the U.S. and around the world. A tailored combination of mentoring, observation, and patient interaction will give students a unique insight into the rewards and demands of a medical career.

Photo of an IMR team

Why IMR?

There are many organizations that offer study abroad programs, but few offer students the comprehensive, daily hands-on opportunities that IMR does. Students will have the chance to directly shadow medical providers, become proficient with basic medical skills, teach community health education, and gather surveillance data important in public health while allowing them to interact with patients from a variety of cultures.

Custom Group Programs

We understand that clinical and course requirements vary at each institution and pre-set models may not accommodate your specific needs. That’s why IMR can design custom study abroad programs to match your curricula and scholastic schedule. Options include:

We also customize our programs to meet the needs of the individual schools that we work with and create goals to match your objectives. Example programs include:

Credits and Clinical Hours

IMR missions provide an average of 80-110 hours of clinical experience in every aspect of clinic. We will work with your university to establish a program that meets necessary requirements for credit hours and will provide a certificate of participation for all students.

Rotations and Experience

IMR clinics provide an expansive scope of patient caseloads, including: Pediatrics, Gynecology, Maternity, Geriatrics, Skilled Nursing, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nutrition, Urgent Care, Public Health, Nutrition, Wound Care, Orthopedics, Surgical Care, Urgent Care, Acute Care and Dental Care.

IMR staff members are ready to help customize an opportunity that meets your university’s needs. Let us know how we can help you with this amazing study abroad experience for your students. To learn more, please contact the IMR office

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