Union Island Hospital Fundraiser

2022 Update


Organization for the Advancement the Caribbean (OAC ) a fiscal sponsor 501(c)3 organization, is partnering with International Medical Relief (IMR) to provide public health education and medical services to the communities of the Southern Grenadines of St Vincent. 

For communities lacking basic healthcare, 2021 was a very challenging year. The people of the islands of the Southern Grenadines have endured and are still experiencing an extraordinary amount of loss, sadness, and grief due to the pandemic and the historical eruption of the La Soufriere volcano.

Even though most of the existing healthcare services are free, patients are frequently unable to obtain care, even on an emergency basis, due to the understaffed and undersupplied health centers.

OAC and IMR are working on a project in conjunction with the Union Island Lions Club to provide sustainable medical healthcare services that include healthcare training, community outreach, medical missions, medical supplies, medical equipment, and clinic operations.

With diligent planning and preparation, we are hoping to reach our specific goals by Summer 2022.

This is an appeal and invitation for you to help us raise $15,000 to achieve our goals. 100% of your donations are tax-deductible and will be used to accomplish our mission.


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2021 Status


The Union Island hospital is currently undergoing renovations that are expected to be completed August 2021. The new building will incorporate sustainable design, use renewable energy, and will be water and energy efficient.

Limited access to quality healthcare is one of the major issues facing the people of Union Island today. Every day, the staff at these clinics are faced with shortages of the most basic hospital supplies from dip sticks to gauze to arm slings, and often must cut up bandages and gauze just to keep the clinic running.

Currently, the hospital services are being provided from a temporary facility, and there are immediate needs within the next 3-4 months to provide basic quality care. The items are listed below.

For the longer-term, the UI hospital will need additional medical supplies and equipment in order to provide satisfactory service to the community. They will need many donations to obtain these supplies/equipment to make it successful.

Organization for the Advancement of the Caribbean

Our Mission

The Mission of O.A.C. is to aid in maximizing health care services, such as clinical practices, dental treatments, and mental healthcare offerings. In addition the scope of our work also includes the capacity for promoting self-improvement, academic advancement, national solidarity, spiritual guidance, the honoring of cultural traditions, and opportunities for economic development.

Our Vision

We seek to provide resources and services that foster an optimal quality of life for the Union Island community. Our goals are aligned with the highest standards of excellence in healthcare, economic development plans, and socio-cultural prosperity. We will strive to empower growing, rural communities to become healthier and more self-reliant through awareness and education.

Who We Are

We are a volunteerism group of Union island expatriates, relatives and friends dedicated to improving the welfare and healthcare of all the Caribbean. This is a formal introduction to our new Organization which was founded in 2021, so as to bring awareness that would in turn mobilize Caribbean people to develop vital infrastructure that would serve the islands for generations to come.

Current Initiatives – 2021

  • Provide the Union Island Health Clinic with emergency medical supplies. (in process)
  • Provide high quality hospital equipment, network infrastructure, medical supplies, office furniture, and needed equipment for the new Union Island Hospital (currently under construction (in process)
  • As OAC grows and completes its 2021 initiatives, the next objective will to find clinics and hospitals on neighboring islands in need of assistance.

Contact OAC

732.928.7289 – OrgAdvCaribbean@gmail.com

Please Help Us By Donating Today

Send donated items to:

47 Mill Pond Rd.
Jackson, NJ 08527

Where is Union Island?

Union Island is part of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It has a surface of 9 square kilometers (3.5 sq mi) and lies about 200 km (120 miles) west-southwest of Carriacou and the mainland of Grenada, which lie directly south. Population is approximately 4,000.


Items Needed for Donation

Immediate Needs

Items, Quantities, and Descriptions

Piccolo Xpress Panels, quantity 20 (10 per box)

Defibrillator, 3

EKG machine, 1

Pulse Oximeters, 4 (assorted colors)

Dipsticks, Pack 100×10

Slings, various sizes & quantities

Gauzes, various sizes & quantities

Bandages, various sizes & quantities

Full List of Hospital Needs

Waiting Room

Chairs with arms (20)

Magazine rack


Smart box

Wall Clock

Sterilizing Room


Sterilizing bags and tape

Hand paper towels


Patient monitor

Bed for infant (1) and 4-10 yr old (1)

Nebulizer (1)

Screens (2)

Peak flow meter

Cart (1)

Aero chambers (range of sizes)

Hand paper towel dispenser

Clifton Clinic

Desk (1)

Doctor’s chair (1)

Patient chairs (2)

Examining couch

Foot stool

BP monitor (1)

Electrical thermometer

Pulse oximeter

Patella hammer

Tuning fork

Snell’s chart

Wall clock



Hand paper towel dispenser

Privacy screen

Inpatient Male/Female Wards

H-Base Over-Bed Tables (4)

Adjustable patient beds (4)

Side chairs with arms (4)

Foot stools (2)

Side tables for personal belongings (4)

Mirrors (2)

Wall clocks (2)

Patient monitors (2)

Stainless steel trash cans (2)

IV poles (2)

Privacy screens (2)

TVs (2)


Break Room/Kitchen



Coffee maker



Range of crockery & cutlery

Plastic storage containers

Pots and pans

Hand paper towel dispenser

TV (1)

Supplies of coffee, tea, drink mixes, etc.


Fire extinguishers & wall mounts (8)

Angle racks for walls to hold papers (10)

Male urinals (4)

Small ambulance – 4 wheel drive

Portable carts (8)

Upright filing cabinets, 4-drawer (8)

Small safe for strorage of dangerous drugs and staff/patient valuables

Wall mounts for TVs (5)

Nurses’ Office

Desk (2)

Chairs (4)

Filing Cabinets

Wall clock

Computer (2)



Fetal monitor

Disinfection containers

Ultrasound wand

Delivery bed

Fetal suction

Wall clock

Adult patient monitor

Privacy screens (2)


OBGYN exam table

Scale for newborn

Wall rack for patient chart


Portable ultrasound machine with printer

Neonatal incubator

Fetal forceps

Stainless steel kick buckets (2)

Hand paper towel dispenser

Instrumental set for care delivering


Mini Lab

Hematology analyzer and reagents/panels

Piccolo (biochemistry analyzer) panels only: complete metabolic, chemistry, renal

Biosite triage meter panels only: cardiac enzymes, blood pregnancy, H pylori, chlamydia, colorectal cancer

Urine analyzer and corresponding urine sticks

PT/INR machine and strips

Hand paper towel dispenser

Nurses’ Clinic

Desk (1)

Nurse’s chair (2)

Patient chairs (2)

Examining couch


BP monitor, electric and non-electronic, with range of cuff sizes (1)

Electrical thermometer

Pulse oximeter


Wall clock



Hand paper towel dispenser

Privacy screen



Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

Latest in mop technology with centrifugal head (5)

Corresponding mop buckets (5)

Spare mop heads

Steam cleaner

Wet vacuum

Scrubber dryers


Cleaning carts (2)

Hand paper towel dispenser


AED (automated external defibrillator)

Wall clock

Fetal monitor

Patient monitors

Pulse oximeters

Privacy screens (2)

Blood pressure monitors (electronic/non-electronic) – Cuffs extra-large, adult, child, infant

Eye chart

Peak flow meters (2) with disposable mouthpieces

Electro cauterization unit (portable)

Cauterization unit

Eye wash unit

Electrical thermometers

Wall clock

Nasal speculum



Ear wash unit

Pulse oximeter

IV poles (2)

Hard cervical collars – range of sizes


Foot stools

Ring cutter

Body weight and height scale

Nebulizer (1)

Splints – leg/arm, range of sizes


Kick buckets

Splint remover

ECG unit and accessories

Trolley (2)

Fiberglass cast material (range of sizes)

Snell’s chart

Instrument tables

Electrical saw for cast removal – both fiberglass and plaster of Paris

Step stools (2)

Plaster of Paris cast material (range of sizes)

Fire extinguisher

Mayo stands

Hand paper towel dispenser

Specialized lighting



Disposable Supplies

Cerumenex ear drops

Range of IV fluids in 250ml and 500ml sizes

Slings – range of sizes

Sterile needles – 22, 23, 25, 27 g – Sterile syringes 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 60 cc

Meter readable urine dipsticks

Sharps containers for used needles

Bottles of surgical alcohol

Bottles of antibiotic ointments

Foam in stocking sling material

Range of sutures with needles – absorbable and non-absorbable

Indenpendent single-use lancets

Ultrasound & fetal monitor gel

Boxes of alcohol prep swabs/pads

Large jars of silvadene cream

Burn dressing material

Scalpel holders

Glucometer-compatible glucose test strips

Hand sanitizer

Bottles of hydrogen peroxide

Iodine swab sticks – cling dressing

Medical tape – several rolls of various kinds and sizes

Scalpel blades – various sizes

Cerumen curettes

Trash bags

Bottle of beta-dine solution

Gauze rolls, sterile & non-sterile: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4

Carton of cotton balls

Range of bandages, size and types

Surgical masks

Boxes of paper towels for hand paper towel dispenser

Benzoin – 1 medium bottle

Boxes of gauze pads – pre-packed sterile and non-sterile, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4

Boxes of tongue depressors

Disposable gowns & disposable drapes

Face shields

Boxes of mouthpieces for peak flow meters

Bottles of sterile water

Range of blood collection tubes

Boxes of steri-strips

Gloves, sterile & non-sterile, various sizes

Boxes of paper rolls

Boxes of 50% dextrose water

Non-stick gauze

Boxes of Band-Aids

Disposable urine collection cups

Eye pads

Network Requirements

Laptops (6) – Processor core i5/Ryzen; 13-inch screen; SSD 256GB; WiFi a/b/g/n; Bluetooth; 8GB RA; USB a and c ports

Desktops (12) – All-in-one; processor core i5/Ryzen; 13-inch screen, SSD 256GB, WiFi a/b/g/n; LAN port; Bluetooth; 8GB RAM; USB a and c ports; webcam; DVD writer

Projector (2)

High quality microphones (6)

24-port switch (4) – POE access points; POE 10/100/1000

Laptop case (6)

Projector case (2)

Portable projector screen (2)

Two-way long-range radios (3) – 50-mile range; rechargeable; group function; dual-channel watch; built-in battery

UPS backup (4) – larger UPS would be ideal; 110-volt input socket for devices

Storage (4) – data backup; 32GB upwards

Satellite phone (2)