Maui Wildfire Relief

We are sending support to Maui to help those affected by the fires and are working with local medical volunteers on the ground. Please help support these efforts by donating.

The wildfires that ripped through Maui have killed at least 55 people, razed much of the historic town of Lahaina causing extensive damage, and left thousands without power. An unknown number of people are still missing or unaccounted for. 

Help Support Maui!

IMR Disaster Relief

IMR is a first responder where our DARTs (Disaster Area Response Teams) put their compassion into action by helping survivors impacted by disasters around the world. IMR meets the critical urgent needs in the immediate aftermath of a disaster is essential to ease the suffering. IMR’s philosophy is First In – Last Out. On average, our teams hit the ground within the first week of a disaster. We continue to run operations well beyond when most NGOs have left to ensure that the community’s needs are met. In our response, we reach those most in need no matter where they are located or what the surrounding conditions are.

Never underestimate your ability to make a difference in this world.