Emergency Donations

Make an Emergency Gift to Help Those Affected by the Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

In the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, teams of IMR volunteers are in the field working tirelessly to provide emergency aid to thousands. Where the local medical staff is overwhelmed, IMR teams are based out of a hospital near ground zero where 80% of the buildings were destroyed. Volunteers are working nearly 24 hours a day bandaging wounds, splinting fractures, treating breathing-related issues from the choking dust from debris, and supporting grieving patients as they cope with the trauma of so much loss. Homes are gone, neighborhoods are gone, family and friends – gone.
Patients from the very young to the very old are trying to be brave, but they are struggling in the wake of the devastation. Freezing winter temperatures threaten the thousands who were left with nothing after their homes were destroyed. They need your help. Make a gift to International Medical Relief today to help us save lives in Turkey. The needs are immense. There’s not a moment to waste.

Help save lives! Please select your tax-deductible gift amount and give today.