Pandemic Response: Help Provide 24/7 Medical Care and Health Services at a Shelter in Denver

In addition to caring for patients internationally during the pandemic, we have turned our attentions close to home where we can #BeTheGood in our own community providing disaster relief. And we need your help.


International Medical Relief is working with the City of Denver to provide medical staffing at the 300-bed congregate living shelter for unhoused men (formerly a women’s shelter) at the Denver Coliseum to handle and manage the needs of shelter guests that would otherwise go unmet. Our goal is to improve delivery of care, continuity, and services to shelter guests. 

We are looking for volunteers to work with medical staff to provide services that include:

We have seen an increased number of residents taking charge of their own health, asking for their blood pressure, for help to quit smoking, or for assistance learning about their medication.

During our Coliseum-to-Shelter Conversion

Here's what we have been able to accomplish
Patient Contacts
ER Visits Averted
Biohazard Calls Averted
Temperature Checks & Health Screenings

$9,350,690 Saved in Averted ER Visits and Biohazard Calls

But Our Work is Far from Done…

Never underestimate your ability to make a difference in this world.

Working to improve the delivery of care, continuity, and services to the Coliseum residents

We have seen incredible positive change resulting from our team’s education efforts and our role as a sustainable and comfortable resource for guests, including reducing their dependency on emergency services. Guests are becoming empowered to take an active role in their own health and improve their own health outcomes while reducing the utilization of already overburdened city resources.

We Need Your Help!

Congregate living shelters face serious challenges, and the Coliseum shelter is no exception. Dedicated volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our shelter guests, especially during these challenging times.

Volunteering for this cause involves:

Join Us and Be the Good You Wish to See in the World


Need more information? Contact us at office@internationalmedicalrelief.org or 970.635.0110.

While conducting temp screens during dinner, a resident came up to us with great news! He worked his way toward employment and is moving onto the next chapter in his life. He signed his very first lease and is moving in. He asked if he could extend his gratitude to the entire IMR family.

On behalf of this guest, to all our IMR volunteers who have a helping hand in this monumental project here in Denver, thank you! This work would be impossible without you.