Saving the Life of a Khmer Mother

IMR Heroes Battle for the Survival of a Young Khmer Woman
in the Thailand Gulf


A young Khmer (Cambodian) mother came to the IMR clinic after losing more than three liters of blood during and following childbirth. She was limp in her husband’s arms as he desperately crossed the island shore with all his strength to reach us.

The IMR team quickly took action, not knowing if it was possible to get her to a hospital on time. After starting an IV, the IMR team carried her across the sand to a boat, the only possible transportation, which sped as fast as it could across the water to the mainland to reach the closest hospital. IMR team members kept their patient as comfortable as possible until the boat reached the shore and the team could transfer her to a waiting car for the last leg of the arduous journey. At the hospital, the young mother received a transfusion made possible by IMR and the donors that support our organization. Thankfully, her life was saved, as was that of her son, whom she named Sok Chea.

Thanks to the heroes who make up the IMR volunteer teams, patients like this one are able to win in their battle for survival. In places like the Koh Rong, social and environmental conditions make the equitable treatment of disease challenging. IMR volunteers are able to help patients meet this challenge in every mission we undertake.

Khmer mother and her son, Sok Chea

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