Families Serving in the Field

When parents take their children on medical mission trips, they get the tools to establish the mindset for service and appreciation within their children. Children get to experience a new culture and gain perspectives beyond their day-to-day scope of life back home. They will become inspired for their future careers as they do things they have never done, explore places they have never been, and serve people they have never met.

Young family members and students play a wide variety of roles in our clinics. They can help in community education, registration, hand washing station, and photography. They can shadow a variety of providers (ideal for older children), help our patients go from one area of clinic to another (children are always great at directing traffic!), and entertain more than a few kids with a little nail polish, bubbles, singing songs, card games, and soccer or football games.

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From IMR Volunteers and Parents

“I have traveled twice with International Medical Relief to Central America. Both times were with my two children, now ages 13 and 16. I felt so comfortable and safe in the hands of the wonderful team leaders. Because everything is so organized we were able to focus all of our energy on helping the people of the communities we served. My children were able to interact with the local children and help our medical team in different ways.”

First-time volunteer John traveled with his family, including two 8-year-old boys.

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