The Gambia

May 28, 2023 — June 3, 2023

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Your generous donation helps to save and change lives every day.

Your charitable investment will go toward ongoing global relief to care for the underserved and vulnerable people of this community. As a member of this medical mission team, you will elevate the long-term impact of sustainable, capacity-building efforts that improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of those most in need.


The Need

The Gambia is located on the West African coast and extends about 400km inland. The public health service delivery system is a three tier system. Over the past few years, Gambia’s health sector has been under great pressure due to high population growth rates, inadequate financial and logistic support, shortage of health staff, and lack of an efficient and effective referral system.

In Gambia, communicable diseases are one of the most common causes of death and non-communicable diseases are thought to be under diagnosed and under reported. Though there are many efforts to decrease health disparities that exist, Gambia’s biggest obstacle is still a lack of resources and funding. There are still gaps between expected and actual performance. International Medical Relief (IMR) partners with Gambia to increase support in initiatives to create a more equitable health care system. IMR continues to provide qualified health care providers and support staff to deliver medical and dental care, community health education, disease-specific education, and laboratory point-of-care testing. Join IMR as we continue to provide care and education and uplift the overall health of Gambia’s population.

Our Work

International Medical Relief began its partnership with the Gambia in 2018. Since our first visit, 60 staff and volunteers have treated 5,500 patients. We plan to continue our preventative efforts by providing medical relief efforts and sustainable health services through community health training, medical treatments, medical supplies and equipment, and clinic operations. IMR strives to provide life-changing medical care to people who do not have reliable access to treatment and help increase the community’s education and knowledge of their own health, improving the overall health of the most vulnerable and underserved communities in the Gambia. 

With diligent planning and preparation, IMR is dedicated to ensuring that specific goals are met on our missions, each in correlation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 17.

IMR works to elevate vulnerable populations through shoulder-to-shoulder care with our local partners, creating workforce density, and a cadre of future healthcare and public health leaders in association to UNSDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing. 

In correlation with UNSDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals, our organization works in collaboration and at the request of local hosts where we are under their direct influence and affluence. IMR never goes into a country without a formal invitation where there is a great community need for medical or dental care, and health education.

This Mission

The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa and is a country completely surrounded by another country with the exception of a small length of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia, surrounded by Senegal, is a country of a rich history in her own right. In fact, you will be staying on an island that was one of the most important slave trading routes during a tragic time in history. The Gambia is known as one of the most culturally rich countries on the African continent, with many tribal and ethnic groups living peacefully side by side.

The Gambia has enjoyed long periods of stability, unlike many of her African neighbors. Stability, however, has not translated into prosperity. Despite the presence of the Gambia River, which runs through the middle of the country and on which you will travel, only one-sixth of the land is arable and poor soil quality has led to the predominance of only one crop – peanuts.

Within the population of 1.8 million, the life expectancy is less than 60 years and the probability of dying before the age of 16 is greater than 25%. Malaria is the number one cause of death for children under 5 and lower respiratory tract infections killed more than 1,700 adults in 2012, the most recent year this information is available (WHO).

Nearly 60% of the population lives below the poverty line and 40% lives below the food poverty line. Poverty is widespread, pervasive and predominantly rural. Approximately three quarters of the rural population (where are clinics will be held) is classified as poor. The Gambia needs your help and the Ministry of Health has asked IMR to provide care.


You will stay in a beautiful resort for most nights on this amazing trip.  There will also be an overnight on the UNESCO World Heritage designated Kunta Kinteh Island (St. James Island), made famous by the book and movie, Roots.  Please join us as you discover the beauty of Gambia and the Gambian River valley! Our hosts, working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health, have partnered with us to create an itinerary that will allow you to see the sickest patients while sharing in the beauty of the Gambia.


You will have the opportunity to explore the Gambia, not just from the perspective of the health of her people, but also culturally as you work with many different tribes. You will stay on an island designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, infamous for its history of slaving but now famous as the disembarkation point in the book and movie, “Roots,” based on a true history of a family living on the island in the 1700s. The lead character is now known around the world as “Kunta Kinte.”

You will travel along the Gambia River, one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, where oysters abound, giving rise to the national dish of the Gambia, oyster stew. Women harvest the oysters from the river and add many of the common Gambian flavors from peanuts, tomatoes, black eyed peas, and more. You’ll enjoy the wonderful sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Gambia every day during your journey.

Extend Your Stay

Itinerary at a Glance

Sunday, May 28, 2023


Monday, May 29, 2023

Orientation, Training & Free Day

Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Thursday, June 1, 2023


Friday, June 2, 2023


Saturday, June 3, 2023



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Sustainable Impact

Your Journey

Full Itinerary

This itinerary is subject to change without notice.

You will need to arrange your flight destination to be Banjul International Airport (BJL). If you need assistance booking flights, please contact Worldwide Navigators, our preferred travel agency, at travel@worldwidenavigators.com. You may also choose to arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodation, which you may purchase from within your portal under Trip Add-Ons.

28 May 2023


Day 1

You can arrive any time during the day at Banjul International Airport (BJL). You will meet up with members of your Gambia team at your accommodation, as well as your other team members who served in Senegal the previous week, and enjoy a team dinner together.

Senegambia Hotel

Meals: Dinner,

29 May 2023

Orientation, Training & Free Day

Day 2

You’ll enjoy a team breakfast, then attend the team orientation to prepare you for the upcoming week of clinic. Your team leader will assign roles for clinic, address IMR’s clinic protocols, and discuss the communities you will be serving in The Gambia. You will also get an overview of the Gambian health care system by one of our hosts.

You and your team will provide training for local healthcare providers to continue IMR’s long-term, sustainable education efforts. Education is as important as medical and dental care for our patients. Each clinic includes basic health education according to the specialties and skills of the IMR volunteers, as well as the needs of the local people. When communities become empowered to take health and wellness issues into their own hands, they become self-sufficient. IMR provides learning opportunities for the local communities through classes and hands-on learning to sustain their well-being beyond our visit.

After training, the rest of the day is yours.  Try out the Senegambia private beach, take a walk, or find one of the fun restaurants within steps of the hotel.  We’ll meet back for a team dinner at 6:00pm with our hosts.

Senegambia Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

30 May 2023


Day 3

Clinics will be held in the rural areas with the highest needs in The Gambia under the direction of the Ministry of Health.  We are very excited to work with local Gambian medical personnel in key areas of health concerns.

Senegambia Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

31 May 2023


Day 4

Basic health care is not affordable for the vast majority of citizens in the Gambia. Although a few government-run clinics do exist, they are not adequately equipped to handle the needs of the people. In 2008 (the last data available) there were only 0.11 physicians/1000 people in the Gambia. Compare this to the United States with 2.5 physicians/1000 people and you can see a country that needs help to care for her people.

The two major problems faced by Gambians are related to the shortage of health care professionals and access of medications due to availability and financial restrictions.

Senegambia Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

1 June 2023


Day 5

You will see patients of all ages, from the very young to the very old. The main causes of mortality in infants (0-12 months) are neonatal sepsis, premature deliveries, malaria, respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases and malnutrition. For child mortality, the main causes are malaria, pneumonia, malnutrition, and diarrheal diseases.

Senegambia Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

2 June 2023


Day 6

Your last day in clinic will be bittersweet as you reflect back over the past week and think about the people you met and the lives you touched.

Senegambia Hotel

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,

3 June 2023


Day 7

On your last day, you may choose to do group sightseeing, cruise the river, or relax at the beach.  The day is yours to recharge and prepare for your departure. You may depart any time.

If you’re interested in extending your stay, our partner Worldwide Navigators offers exclusive trip extensions just for IMR volunteers! See the extensions tab on this page for details.


Your Journey

Clinic Photos

This itinerary is subject to change without notice.


You’re venturing across the globe. Have you considered extending your stay a few additional days to explore Senegal? Join IMR on an exclusive three-day extension! Rich with colonial heritage and many natural attractions, Senegal is known for its exciting safaris, nightlife, and historical museums.

Dakar, Senegal


  • Explore the narrow streets Île de Gorée lined with pastel-colored French colonial buildings
  • Discover the House of Slaves — a museum and memorial to the Atlantic slave trade
  • Visit Lake Retba, or Lac Rose, a wildly unique pink saltwater lake that lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula northeast of Dakar


Day 1: Arrive Gorée | House of Slaves

Arrive at Île de Gorée, or Gorée Island, by ferry and check in at the bed and breakfast. Spend the day exploring the narrow streets lined with pastel-colored French colonial buildings, eating lunch at a coastal African restaurant, and visiting the Henriette Bathily Women’s Museum that considers the role of women in West African society.

Gorée Island is known for its role in the Atlantic slave trade in the 15th to 19th centuries. Though its dark history has passed, the shadow of the slave trade still haunts this island. After lunch, set out to discover the House of Slaves — a museum and memorial to the Atlantic slave trade on Île de Gorée.

Day 2: Dakar | Lake Retba

After enjoying a local breakfast served at the bed and breakfast, take the ferry to Dakar to check into your hotel. Then, hop on a shuttle for a quick drive to Lake Retba, or Lac Rose, a lake that lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula northeast of Dakar. The lake is named for its pink waters caused by Dunaliella salina algae and is known for its high salt content — reaching up to 40% in some areas.

Upon returning to the capital, grab dinner from a local, African grill restaurant and spend the night out to experience West African nightlife firsthand.

Day 3: Departure Home

Awake to an early morning breakfast served at your hotel and spend your free time leading up to your departure exploring the capital city of Dakar.

What’s Included:

  • 3-Day, 2-Night Tour
  • Ground Transportation
  • 2.5 to 3-Star Accommodations
  • Daily Activities & Excursions
  • 2 Meals Per Day
  • Tours & Entrance Fees
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

You Will Need to Provide:

  • Customary Gratuities
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Souvenirs/Gifts
  • Currency Exchange Fees

3-Day, 2-Night All-Inclusive Tour starts at $950. Contact Worldwide Navigators to book this extension or get more information.

  • Lac Rose, Senegal

Minimum Donation

Your generous donation of $2900 will go toward the ongoing global relief to care for the underserved and vulnerable people of this community. As a member of this medical mission team, you will elevate the long-term impact of sustainable, capacity-building efforts that improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of those most in need. A small portion of your donation includes:

  • Clinic supplies and medications for patients
  • Clinic participation
  • Transportation, accommodations, and meals as outlined in the itinerary

Donation Payment Deadlines

$2700 due by February 27, 2023

$2900 due by April 30, 2023

Early Bird Savings Opportunity

To be eligible, the participant must upload ALL your required documents and forms, sign their liability form and make your 50% donation including your $35 application fee by February 27, 2023. This savings opportunity does not apply to disaster relief missions.

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Your Donation to IMR for Your Mission Cost Includes:

All group costs from the time you arrive at the team meeting point in country until you separate from the team or when the team arrives at the departure airport, including:

  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Costs associated with the clinic
  • Food
  • Tips for services provided to the IMR team
  • All logistics, including translation services and security as needed

Additional Costs That You Are Responsible For:

All group costs from the time you arrive at the team meeting point in country until you separate from the team or when the team arrives at the departure airport, including:

  • International and Domestic flights to the country.
  • Passport fees, visa fees, and transit fees, including baggage or overnight accommodations/meals while in transit
  • Required or recommended insurance
  • Vaccinations and medications common for travel
  • Spending money for souvenirs and personal purchases
  • Required or desired mission supplies, personal equipment, or small gifts for the special people you meet
  • Any lodging, meals, and transportation outside of the scheduled team mission, payable at the time of service to the local vendor
  • COVID-related fees such as testing, vaccinations, and quarantines as required by in-country arrival/departure or USA arrival/departure
  • Each team member is responsible for carrying medical supplies for the deployment. All fees associated with transport are the responsibility of the volunteer.