International Medical Relief (IMR) provides acute medical and dental care and health education in an urgent care setting where patients have limited or no access to health care. We work in 74 countries and have served over 450,000 patients in our 20-year tenure.

Currently, International Medical Relief (IMR) is providing medical support for the COVID-Free Congregate Living Shelter residents in Denver, CO. Our team has received one remarkable story after another as we save and change lives.

An EMT serving with our team remarked how the population we are working with is struggling and all too often forgotten, mishandled, or put aside, but the patients are incredibly wonderful people. Their needs are unique, their struggles pervasive, and their suffering ubiquitous. Greatness has come from the IMR team. This work is so meaningful and profound, it provides purpose and instills value unto others.

Help IMR bring much-needed services to this vulnerable population. This is a unique opportunity where you can form a longer-lasting professional relationship with your patients and contribute to the overall Denver Area public health needs. Know that your treatments and open ears will have lasting effects on your patients. This population has been tested for COVID-19, and all residents have tested negative.

You would respond to emergency and non-emergency requests, provide Basic Life Support (BLS) as needed, provide public health education to patients, follow the direction of supervising medical staff, and comply with appropriate state and local standards.


The ideal candidate will be affable and energetic. We are looking for a strong relationship builder. A Colorado EMT-B or Paramedic license is required, and you must be Healthcare Provider CPR/AED Certified. Our ideal candidate is committed, action-oriented, and efficient; has great attention to detail; and has excellent listening skills.

Job Requirements:

  • Current Colorado EMT-B/ Paramedic
  • Healthcare Provider CPR/AED Certified

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Appropriately refer patients to FQHC or EMS.
  • Assist with ADL as needed.
  • Respond to calls in a timely manner based on company policy.
  • Represent the company by being courteous, professional, and advocating for our patients.
  • Maintain a clean, professional appearance while maintaining courteous, professional, and ethical behavior and working cooperatively with other members of the healthcare system, co-workers, and the public.
  • Attend work regularly consistent with scheduled hours.
  • Use care and respect with all equipment and supplies.
  • Practice within your scope of practice and medical direction.
  • Maintain a professional appearance and work ethic.
  • Be patient-oriented and display excellent bedside manner.
  • Properly document all patient interactions.
  • Communicate with a supervisor as needed to report fieldwork.
  • Follow orders from your supervisor.
  • Follow HIPAA guidelines in completion of all paperwork at the end of each shift.

Work Schedule

This is a full-time, contract position. Pay is $14.00 – $20.00 per hour.

  • 12-hour shifts
  • Weekends required
  • Holidays required
  • Day shift
  • Night shift
  • Overtime
  • Overnight shifts


  • EMT-B/Paramedic (Required)
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