Haiti Earthquake Relief: International Medical Relief is Responding

On Saturday, August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti 60 miles south of Port au Prince dealing a devastating blow to an already vulnerable population. As reports of injuries and casualties continue to mount – aftershocks, landslides, and now the threat of tropical storms are adding to the challenges. International Medical Relief is mobilizing on the ground.


IMR is assembling teams of medical volunteers to deliver assistance to communities that were heavily impacted by the disaster for August and September. Medical volunteers of all specialties are urgently needed.


IMR teams are working tirelessly in Les Cayes, Haiti following the earthquake that killed more than 2,200 people and injured more than 12,000, including thousands of children.

Our volunteers are working in the field, in medical clinics, and in a Les Cayes hospital, serving alongside Haitian medical staff to meet the greatest needs of earthquake victims and their families. These collaborative teams are working shoulder-to-shoulder to elevate the capacity of care delivered and increase its impact.

In addition to the critical work in clinic and with our step-down care focused on wound management and disease, our medical team will provide 20 health education classes. These will cover topics on hygiene, advancements in clean water and solar water disinfection, hydration, grieving, sanitation, proper wound care and more to further the patient’s knowledge and education on health matters related to their personal health needs. This sustainable education philosophy increases IMR’s overall footprint in meeting the goals of our UNSDGs as they recover in the aftermath of this devastating disaster.

4-Day Volunteer Opportunities Available

Serve with IMR in a full 7-day mission or 4-day mini mission. Arrival dates are flexible! We understand flights to Haiti are difficult to schedule. If you have to book a flight that doesn’t coordinate with trip dates, apply for the trip closest to your flight date and contact us to let us know when you will arrive.

Learn more about this emergency and how you can help.



The situation on the ground in Haiti is urgent following a major earthquake that hit west of Port-au-Prince. Please make a lifesaving gift to help the people facing devastation in Haiti.



Medical volunteers of any specialty are urgently needed! Surgeons, doctors orthopedists, nurses, therapists, psychologists, EMTs, and medics are in high demand. Join one of our teams.

Current Situation Report

When I signed up to come to Haiti with less than a few days to prepare, I was excited to do what my heart loves the most, but nervous about my first disaster mission. You name it, I was overwhelmed with it, so much that I almost backed out the day I was scheduled to leave. On a scale of 1-10 my anxiety was a 20…but a call from the ground team and president of IMR gave me that rush of excitement I had the moment I said yes to meet the needs of those most affected by the disaster..needs that went far beyond any fear I had about stepping into the unknown.

Hailey, IMR Haiti Disaster Response Volunteer

IMR Relief Efforts are Underway

The death toll in Haiti continues to climb after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake caused widespread damage in at least two cities, adding to a list of crises facing a country that is still recovering from a disastrous earthquake in 2010. Reports of injuries and fatalities are still coming in, but more than 2,200 deaths have already been confirmed.

IMR First Responders have been supporting our local and global communities since the onset of Covid-19. We have been operating Covid-19 protocols to keep our teams and our communities safe. Responding to the needs of Haiti right now is compounded because most Haitians are still waiting to get vaccinated. The majority of Haitians have been unable to afford medical services and IMR provides basic and comprehensive medical services year-round in communities of greatest need. The health system has continued to struggle to provide enough medical resources for their entire population as an estimated 30 providers serve one million citizens.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We have partnered with the Haitian police for security to ensure our teams feel safe in their working conditions. If you have questions or concerns about security, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 970.635.0110.


I don’t think we can comprehend the trauma they endured without experiencing it ourselves. We highlight a lot of the medical support we provide, but just being able to be out there with them as a support system, to show them we care and that they’re not alone, was extremely rewarding.

Hailey, IMR Haiti Disaster Response Volunteer
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