Displaced Ukrainians Need Your Help!

We need volunteers for weeklong disaster relief missions to serve displaced Ukrainians in Warsaw, Poland and donations for medical supplies.

Volunteer in Poland to help Displaced Ukrainians 

IMR teams are on the ground in Poland ensuring basic and urgent needs of displaced Ukrainians are met. We need the help of volunteer physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses, medics, mental health professionals – any medical specialty and non-medical volunteers will make a difference.

Our volunteer teams are serving this vulnerable population by offering much-needed medical and dental care directly to the displaced Ukrainians at a 6,000-person accommodation center in Poland. IMR volunteers are working alongside other qualified volunteers and medical professionals to provide care to some of the most marginalized citizens. We are confident that we will be able to help more people than ever, but we need medical volunteers and financial assistance to help our mission be successful.

The majority of the cases we are seeing are treatable. Team members are carrying donated medicines and medical supplies with them to Poland to help save lives. They are also providing educational information to both patients and the local healthcare community that will be invaluable to them long after we leave.

How to Volunteer to Help Ukraine

Volunteer physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, dentists, social workers, EMTs, and other medical professionals are providing humanitarian outreach to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the Ukrainians. They are also giving them hope by being present and showing compassion. While each weeklong mission trip is too little time to treat all the sick, it is nevertheless ample time to plant the seeds of hope in their lives for a promising future.

In addition to medical volunteers, we are specifically seeking non-medical volunteers for mission trips to Poland to assist with the accommodation center’s operations. These volunteers will be caring for Ukrainian children, including playing sports and games with them, helping at mealtimes, assisting with shelter organization, arranging activities for guests, welcoming new guests as they arrive, etc. Apply for these opportunities by choosing the links for Ukraine disaster relief non-medical trips.

Please consider becoming part of one of our volunteer medical teams by clicking Volunteer and following a link to one of our upcoming disaster relief trips.

If you are unable to volunteer to help in Poland, please consider showing your support for Ukrainians through financial giving for medical supplies and equipment for use in the accommodation center, as well as in four hospitals in Ukraine that we are supporting. Imagine being in the position of knowing you could save a life but not having the right equipment to do so. 

Thank you so much for joining this effort to save and change lives.

Displaced Ukrainians need you! Help by VOLUNTEERING or DONATING to provide medical supplies!

IMR Volunteers Helping Ukrainians in Poland

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT KRISTEN SHARES HER EXPERIENCES: “These people are amazing, resilient, completely strong, beautiful people.”

LIVE FROM THE FIELD IN POLAND: Philip Chang, RN and Clinical Nurse Specialist, a first-time disaster responder with IMR, shares a bit about his experience. 

PENNY, IMR ALUMNUS, NP AND DISASTER RESPONDER IN POLAND discusses serving thousands of displaced Ukrainians. “We are here in Poland at a center with thousands of people. It’s very emotional.”


Serving with IMR last week in Poland was truly an honor. Amazing organization, fantastic leadership, and superb work that was accomplished! Being able to make a difference in the lives of others is what it’s all about, and IMR really stands by this. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I stepped off the plane in Warsaw, but when I left a week later, I felt that our team left a significant impact on the lives of these courageous people. It was my first time serving in Europe, and I can proudly say that it won’t be my last! What an unforgettable and humbling experience! Thank you to IMR, Karla, Lana, and all the amazing volunteers that I will never forget! - Tyler L.

Your Donations are Making a Difference!

Each week, IMR donors and volunteers help send supplies, equipment, medications and monetary donations to four Ukraine hospitals. From Kyiv to Lviv to Mariupol and Kryvyi Rih, the generosity that has been shown is tremendous.
Lives are being saved, solutions are being found, and hope is being given. In partnership with so many including Ukrainian paramedics, the international Red Cross, and mayors of the regions, these items are reaching those most in need. Efforts to uplift, engage, equip and transform are growing every day.
Ukraine - delivering medical supplies

Use this Amazon link to purchase needed medical supplies for the accommodation center and Ukrainian hospitals and select the International Medical Relief gift registry address for shipping. It's the easiest way to get medical supplies to those who need them most.
Thank you!

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